Update on the Juggling Act

Some of you may remember this post. Later, I posted this.

Well, last Friday was officially my last day of work at my part-time office job. It took 3 months for us to find a replacement for me and to train her. I wish I could say this is because I am so wonderful, I am hard to replace. But it is really because the situation with the company is so tenuous that it is difficult to find just the right person who is willing to give it a go. But we did find such a person. She is a great fit for the office and for the work itself. However, after a little more than 2 weeks, she could sense a lot of the problems, which is not too surprising. So how long she will last is yet to be seen. The great thing is that this is not my problem! Yeah!!!!!

On my first day of “freedom,” I did some work for my part-time at-home job, ran some errands, took Charis to pre-school in the afternoon, ran some more errands, picked up the kids from school, and then went into the evening routine of homework, dinner, chores, etc. It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it was a good day. It was good not to feel pressured to get stuff done just so I could run somewhere else to get more stuff done.

My second day home has been much more low key. I have done some things around the house and hung out with Charis. With Christmas around the corner, I know I’ll be busy every day for a while, so I thought I would try to have at least one slower day.

I am still feeling a bit concerned lowering our income, but we are praying that my being home will allow Mark more opportunities to build up his business. The transition may be a bit rocky, but we’re hopeful God will bless our efforts. If you feel so inclined, pray along with us.

7 thoughts on “Update on the Juggling Act”

  1. Jennifer,

    I am so happy for you! The day you described sounded wonderful because you did not have to be rushing off to work. I appreciate what a load off this must be. We will pray with you that God will bless Mark’s efforts as he works.

    Love, Brandy

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