Shaken- Not Stirred

Charis loves the Backyardigans. I really love them, too. The Backyardigans is a show from Nick, Jr., that features different animal friends who obviously live in the suburbs who everyday go to their back yards to play together and find adventure. The show includes lots of singing by the characters and plenty of spoofing of adult movies and book characters to keep the parents interested.

Charis has a few BY books. I was reading them to her this morning, and I found myself laughing as I read Agent Secret. This little story is a spoof of James Bond, and it entertains me as much as it does Charis. For instance, Agent Secret (played by Pablo of the BY gang) likes his juice box . . . shaken. Another place where laughed out loud was when the spy adventure took them to “der Dairy Farm in Switzerland.”

If you like corny jokes and show tunes as I do, you and yours who are 5 and under might appreciate the Backyardigans.