A Funny Thing Happened on the way to my Blog

So I was doing pretty well there at the end of September . . . on a roll with blog posts.  I was thinking I might get back to regular posting.  But then realities of life got in the way.  And I have lapsed again.

Then tonight I thought, “Oh.  I think I had better post something on my blog.”  So I meander over to “manage the site,” and I notice that there are 12 comments in the “comment moderation” box.  I used to get little e-mail reminders about comments that need approval, but I haven’t received any of those in a while.  I sort of forgot about the approving of comments thing.  So I was happy to see that others had commented on posts.  I was also sorry that I hadn’t approved the comments right away.  I confess to being motivated by comments, so this little happenstance could get me back on the blog horse again.

That’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by to the commenters who were lately approved.