New Toys

Thanks to my husband and my family, I have some new toys to make my life more fun and easier. I had a milestone birthday last week (yes, you know which one), and I received a digital camera and a laptop computer. I am starting some new business ventures, so both of these things will help with that. But so far, I have mostly just been playing around with them. I love using the computer in the living room. I have also enjoyed taking pictures, but I just haven’t downloaded any yet. So I guess the moral of this is that getting older has its perks.

The Final Curtain

I’ve reached the final curtain. VBS 2005 is over. I served as the VBS director at our church this year, and tonight was our closing program after a week of fun, Bible stories, crafts, recreation, and singing. The week went really well, but it wasn’t because of me. I spent a lot of time the last few months planning this and that, but the real reason VBS at Providence was a success once again is because the people who volunteer give 100%. This was a busy summer for everyone who volunteered, and last week, I was feeling like I hadn’t communicated well enough with all the teachers and staff, and that things were going to really fall apart. But that was just my own negative spriral spinning out of control. God graciously provided our VBS program with staff members and helpers who want to make the week fun and educational for the kids who come. I am really thankful for all their help. I am also glad it is over.

Summertime and the Livin is Easy

Well, the livin’s not so easy, but it is summertime and it is quickly fleeting. After July 4th is over, you are just on a fast track to school starting.

Speaking of school, we have finally worked out the school plans for our 3 older children for the coming year. We are sending them to a Lutheran school about 5 minutes from our home. We are really glad to have worked out some things with them to make it more affordable for us, and we think it will be a good fit for our kids. We are thankful for God’s provision in all this, and now we can talk openly with our kids about where they will go, etc. Since we were uncertain for about 4 months, we have tried to just not confuse them with all the possibilities.

I am also gearing up to do some work. I hope to market myself for some writing projects that will bring in some helpful income. While I am working on developing some new software skills and getting together some marketing plans, I hope to work for a temp agency. I applied with a local one today, took their skills tests, and I am officially on their list of people to assign to temp jobs. We’ll see . . .

That’s what’s on my mind this week . . . Oh, and Mark and Calvin are heading to Mexico on a missions trip with a group from our church. They leave Saturday. Please pray for the entire team to have a safe trip and effective ministry opportunities while they are there. You might think to pray for my sanity while they are gone too.


I’ve made it through another week with no bodily injuries–foot or otherwise. I’m very thankful for this. My toe and ankle are healing, and I am looking forward to being able to put my left foot in a normal shoe in a few weeks. (Sandals are working, BTW.)

We’ve had a busy week. I unpacked all the boxes I had marked for a garage sale on Thursday, and I opened the sale yesterday. It was very slow. I am getting ready to go out for day 2. On Thursday, the kids and I baked cookies for them to sell to customers. So I am hoping that today goes better and that they sell a few cookies. With it being a holiday weekend, we may have to repeat the sale next weekend. Although, I am sort of feeling like packing up when I finish today and living with whatever the results are. We’ll see . . .

Happy 4th of July to all.