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My Promise to Dis Vonage

I have many friends who love vonage. So please don’t comment if you are one of them. I know it works great for some people. But, we tried vonage from November 07 thru mid-April 08, and it was not a good experience for us.

Here are my complaints:

1. When we were on a phone call, if we got on the internet, there was horrible static or interference.
2. If we were on the internet and the phone at the same time, the internet connection slowed down.
3. Vonage billed us for service for the entire month of April, even though we disconnected in the middle of the month.
4. Vonage customer service was only able to repeat to me the same information without allowing me to talk to anyone other than the CSR who answered my call. I have a charge on a credit card from Vonage that infuriates me, and no one there will put me through to someone who can give me some satisfaction.

My plan:

1. Dis Vonage on my blog – check
2. Write a letter to the company – will do immediately.
3. Tell everyone I know how much I hate Vonage.

Rant over. Proceed with your day.