Sometimes on a Sunday

No Wednesday post this week . . .

A list of what’s on my mind, in no significant order . . .

1.  I lost the pedometer for the work insurance walking program.  I was in the girls’ room in the middle of Evangeline’s sleepover last Saturday, and it fell off.  The next day, Mark and swept all the junk out from under both girls beds, and we didn’t unearth the lost pedometer.  So I have not kept up with my plan this week.  I plan to replace the pedometer, but every one after the first one costs $25.  So I might have to wait to get back on that particular tracking method.  However, I can get a fairly nice one for $4.99 from Aldi later this week (according to their sale paper), so I am thinking I’ll get it and keep track myself until I want to spring for the $25 one.

2.  I enjoyed a day of relatively little running around yesterday, and the next few Saturdays look pretty clear, too.  Praise God for the break.  We even had people over last night.  It was a nice change.

3.  We were reminded of God’s faithful providence in two very tangible ways this past week.   Praise God!

4.  Still praying for wisdom, direction regarding the kids’ schooling next year.

5.  A good friend lost his job this week.  He is the father to 4 great kids, and the husband of a faithful wife.  Please pray for him and all those who are unemployed and underemployed.

6. My mom is having a medical test this coming Tuesday.  It is a new health concern, so I am praying for the results to be insignificant.

7.  Mark’s grandfather is in hospice care.  He and Mark’s aunt who cares for him are on my heart and mind.  Praying for them, too.

That is all.  A busy week ahead.  Enjoy God’s blessings.  Remember Jesus’s death and His glorious resurrection and the hope it brings.

Wassup Wednesday 19 — a month in the making and posted on Thursday

The last month has been full of kids activities and work.  That’s it.  Nothing has been going on other than that . . . oh, a little sickness and a basketball trip to Nebraska were thrown in just for good measure.

Is life bad?  No.  We’re doing ok.  We’re once again at that time of year where we have to figure out what to do about school next year.  There are multiple variables in the mix.  We are mostly just waiting to see how things turn out . . . and praying.  We are used to living by faith around here, so we’re just trying to do that some more.

I have been at the new job for 3.5 months now.  I still like it.  It is challenging enough to not be boring, and I don’t have to take it home with me.  I have great co-workers, and it is expanding our circle of social contacts in St. Louis.  We are grateful that this job came along when it did.  It is a blessing to us.

On the home front, the girls got their first report cards from school since their return, and they are doing well.  The boys are busy with school work, sports, and drama/music classes.  Their drama group will present Tom Sawyer next month, and they are looking forward to that.  The laundry is in a manageable state, and last Saturday, I caught up on some housework.   I am feeling pretty good about where things are right now in the balancing act, but not every week, day, moment is like that . . . However, I’ll take it when I can get it!

Other Stuff

Do you remember last year about this time?  Maybe a month or so later in the year because Easter fell a bit later, and that is the marker I am using.  I posted an entry about my big walking goals with thoughts of running.  Oh how I hate posts like that!  If you know me, you know my big plans didn’t materialize.  I didn’t keep up the walking, and I didn’t reach any of my goals.  So from now on, I won’t post any lofty goals because I hate eating my words.

Tonight, I walked 23 minutes at the park while the girls were at Awana and the boys were in the library.  I am trying to walk again, but my goals are much more measurable.  There’s a walking program through the health insurance at my job in which employees can register to get a free pedometer, and then each day, you upload your steps onto their website.  By meeting certain criteria, employees can win awards.  So I got the pedometer last month, and I haven’t done any walking other than the daily getting around stuff.   I have seen how many steps I walk in a day on average, so I have set a goal of walking 7,000 steps a day for the next 10 days.  I hope to add more steps once I do the 7,000 steps for 10 days.  This seems doable to me.  I hope I am more successful with this attempt than my last one.

So that’s it for this now . . . life keeps moving forward.