Good News & Other Stuff

Since I have been known to bemoan life on my blog, it seems I should also report some good news . . .

Remember this:

When Charis broke her arm on the playground at her school.  I rushed her to her pediatrician first, too see if a trip to the ER was necessary.  The pediatrician told me to take her to the ER–cost for that visit after insurance discount – $49.  So off to the ER we went.  After 8 hours, we were finished, she had a pink cast, and I was wondering how in the world we would pay for this day of fun!  Then the bills started to come–cost for the ER and after care after insurance discount–$2500.00! I started calling the several billing agencies involved in the care for this minor injury, and I told them I would pay $25 a month until it was paid.

Then in February, the principal from the school contacted me, and told me I could fill out some forms to see if the injury would be covered they their accident insurance.  I called all the billing offices again, asking for itemized bills, filled out the lengthy form, and prayed that it wasn’t a waste of my time.  Last week, I got a response.  Over $1500.00 has already been paid, and after I send in more itemized bills, it looks like it will all be covered by the school’s accident insurance!!!!! Praise God!!!!  I am so thankful for this blessing.

Other Stuff

We are really blessed by the school that our children attend.  Last week, we found out that the church that started the school and has housed the school for over 25 years has decided they can no longer afford the building they are in.  They are selling the building where the school meets, and they will not be looking for a building to accomodate the school.  This is significant because they have offered the building to the school at no cost for all these years, and it has kept the tuition very reasonable.  Our tuition for 4 children there is less than the cost for 2 at many other local Christian schools.  The school board does not want to close the school, so they are looking for a new location.  They asked that all the school families give them 60 days to investigate possibilities before we start considering other options for our children for next year.

I don’t know that we would be able to send the kids back next year even if they do find a new location.  However, this school has been a great place for our children, and we appreciate its ministry very much.  So if you think of it, please pray for this little Christian school in South St Louis County to find an affordable place to relocate and to have enough families to keep going next year.  Also, pray for the church that has supported the school for so many years.  They are entering a time of rebuilding and praying for growth.  They have given selflessly to the community through the ministry of the school, and I am praying that God will bless them for their faithful service.

Does Face Book Make Us More Friendly?

I was made to be sucked in by Face Book.  In college, I was the one who made excuses to go to the student mailboxes to see if I had any “campus mail,” even if I had checked less than an hour before.  My husband and I got e-mail at home in 1993, and even then, when there were so few people who had e-mail, I had to check it every time I walked by the computer.  I blogged before everyone had a blog, and I have always had to check the comments at every opportunity, too.  A bit OCD?  Perhaps.

So, along comes Face Book.  For a long time, I resisted the nudge to join.  I thought my blog was enough for me.  Finally, about 6 months ago, I jumped on the FB bandwagon.  Now, I can’t get on my computer without checking my FB account.  After the initial newness wore off, I quit using all the extra applications, and that cuts the FB time way down, but I still waste way too much time there.  Why is it so important for me to know what the an acquaintance from 20 years ago had for breakfast this morning?  Why do I care what my former co-worker’s kids look like?  Is it just curiosity or is it genuine interest?  Are there any elements of Face Book that are more than cursory glances into the lives of others, or is it one giant land of small talk?

The world of Face Book is just like the real world–you have acquaintances with whom you make small talk, and even enjoy a joke with.  And, you have real friends with whom you send personal messages–sometimes private ones using the facebook e-mail application.

Face Book feels like a phenomenon that will wear off eventually, but in the mean time, is it making us more friendly, or is it making us more self-absorbed?  Is it an ongoing Christmas letter in which nothing bad ever happens, or is it more real with people showing at least a few of their warts?  How many warts do any of us really want to see anyway?  What is the right balance of reality and PR one should use on FB?

This is just me thinking out loud.  Until I have the answers, you can befriend me on Face Book.  I’ll be changing my status every day and checking my newsfeed every chance I get!