Thoughts on Katrina

Watching the coverage of the storm damage from Katrina gives me the same kind of hopeless feeling I had after 9/11, after Oklahoma City, or after the devastating plane crashes of the past 10 years. Yet from what I see, I am having a hard time imagining that life in New Orleans, at least, will ever be the same. How can something that has been so majorly destroyed be rebuilt in any kind of workable timeframe? Perhaps it is possible, and I am just too ignorant to see how. But it really is just horrible to see what these people are going through.

We all probably know someone who has been touched by the storm. My sister is from a Biloxi suburb. She and her family managed to get to Georgia during the evacuation time. I spoke with my mother yesterday, and she said they plan to head back to MS today to see what is left of their house. I am grateful they got out before the storm, and I am praying for her and all the others like her who are facing something that must just be sureal.


Pray for the people of the Gulf Coast. Along with the many other citizens from all across the area, my sister and her family are leaving the Biloxi, MS, area and heading to Florida to escape the storm. God could change it all and make this much less serious than the forcasters are predicting. We need to pray.

MMM . . .awicious

“MMM . . .awicious,” said the not-yet 2 1/2 year old girl after she took a bite of mac ‘n cheese for lunch.

I’m her mother, so I thought this was a pretty impressive word to attempt at this young age. Of course, having older siblings around to let her hear lots of words helps. I just thought it sort of cute and funny.

School So Far

Well, the kids have been in school for a week. So far, it is going well, and we are pleased with the school itself. Our oldest has some learning issues, and he is feeling a bit pressured, but when I asked if he wants to be homeschooled again, he said, “No. I like school. And we might get to use the science lab later in the year.” Our second boy is the most easy going and typical student of our family, so he is enjoying school and finding it helpful and fun. Our first-grade girl is happy to have the opportunity to make friends, but she is still feeling a little nervous about being the “new girl.”

There are several things we are appreciating about the school. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

1. The school’s theme for the year is: “Culitvating a Christ-like Culture.” The faculty and staff seem to have a sincere desire to do this, too.

2. Once a month at chapel, they celebrate anniversaries of baptisms.

3. I attended chapel today, and it was reverent, but not boring. The pastor who spoke was interesting in a way that adults could appreciate and even the kindergarteners could understand. I only wish the kids were encouraged to sing more heartily.

4. The children’s teachers seem to be patient with them as they acclamate to their new environment. This means a lot to us.

5. Even the boys are starting to appreciate wearing their uniforms.

I hope that the remaining 35 weeks are as encouraging as the first one has been.

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

We are getting ready for school at our house. One thing this involves is buying school clothes. Since the kids are going to a Lutheran school, they have a dress code that amounts essentially to uniforms–twill pants or shorts and polos for the boys; twill pants, skort, or jumper and polos for the girls. So last week I set out to purchase enough things to get them started. This was pretty easy since practically every store around here carries school uniform clothes. This wasn’t the case in OK, so it was a new thing to me.

In purchasing pants for the boys, I discovered just how much they have grown this summer. Both of them have moved to the next size in order to accomodate thier new heights. I took them for school physicals last week, and Calvin is now 4′ 10″ tall. He is 9. This seems incredible to me, the youngest sibling of a family of short people where, I at 5’4″ was considered “tall.” Two of my three sisters are 4′ 11″, to give you just a little perspective on how tall Calvin seems to me. Nevin is 3 – 4 inches shorter than Calvin, but since Christmas, when I last bought him new khaki pants, he has grown about 2 1/2 inches. At this point, I am not sure how I will continue to clothe them for another 10 years or so.

The New Camera’s Debut

I guess I mentioned that I have a new digital camera. So here’s my first attempt at posting some photos from it.

July 2005 includes vbs 035.jpg

First, here’s Mark with Charis. Pretty sweet!

July 2005 includes vbs 002.jpg

Here’s Calvin the day after my birthday–the subject of the second picture I took with the new camera.

July 2005 includes vbs 004.jpg

Evangeline with her baseball trophy for participating on the little girls’ team this year.

July 2005 includes vbs 033.jpg

Nevin’s VBS teacher made little photos using this fun poster and my digital camera. So far, this is the only photo of Nevin I’ve managed to get with the new camera. It’s cute, but there will be more to come.