Reaching the Lost Through Pop Culture

This is an interesting article. I am not endorsing the idea, I just think the idea of using popular culture to bring people to Christ is an issue that should be discussed.

2 thoughts on “Reaching the Lost Through Pop Culture”

  1. Very interesting story. I can see how doing a program like that would be difficult but what a great way to reach kids with the gospel. If you can use popular fiction to teach kids about Christ that is great! What a unique church that is able to balace protecting their own children and reaching out to others. I could see that becoming quite divisive within the church. I find myself reading popular (and unpopular) fiction and analyzing it through my Christian perspective. Vanity Fair, Poisonwood Bible, Gone With the Wind, have all been interesting reads when looked at from a Christian perspective. I had a more difficult time with Harry Potter (I only read the first one, for book club) so I am impressed that someone was able to use it for His glory.

  2. Lindy,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I am not sure if I personally could go along with using Harry Potter for a VBS curriculum, but I think the efforts of the group mentioned in the article were sincere, and I also think they went about doing it in a way that was honoring to their church’s leadership and congregation.

    P.S. I am not a Harry Potter hater. My boys have either read or listened to all the books on tape/cd. I think your comments about seeing fiction through a Christian perspective is right on. If Christian children understand the difference between reality and fictional worlds, and have a firm foundation of Christian teaching at home and in church, they can read about “magic” without fear of them becoming overly interested in things of the dark world.

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