It has been a while since I last blogged. Here’s an update . . . On the weight loss front, it seems I am hovering between 18 and 20 pounds lost. I am not thrilled by this, but I am still on my WOE, and I am happy that I am maintaining at this point. I am not doing anything drastic to change this trend until I return from the PCA’s general assembly and then a short vacation. However, I do plan to stick with the current WOE while travelling, so as not to have any vacation gain. When I return, I will start to come up with a new plan to get the poundage off.

Reading . . . I have done little. I am still on the same books. Since school has been out, my children’s activities have kept me busy. It looks like that will be the case for much of the summer. Hopefully, I’ll squeeze some reading in around their stuff. I have, however, been leading a women’s Bible study on The Shorter Catechism, and that has been enjoyable. I am using GI Williamson’s study guide. It is very helpful. Also, there’s a great new family devotional based on the Shorter Catechism called Training Hearts, Teaching Minds. I have used some of the readings in this for illustrations/application ideas. We haven’t used it for family devotions yet, but it looks good, as the readings are short enough for little attention spans, but meaty enough for older children and adults.

Simple trust

This morning, my nearly 3-year-old brought me a “necklace” she had made in Sunday school 2 weeks ago. It consisted of a piece of string and a paper square on which is written a question about her Sunday school lesson. Her “necklace” was broken. In other words, the paper had ripped at the hole where the string went through. She cried, “Mommy, fix it.” I told her I couldn’t. She said, “Use tape.” For her and my boys, tape is the cure-all for everything that breaks. I have fixed countless toys with tape over the past years, and they always trust that tape can save the day in my capable hands.

I am just struck by how simply they trust and how they just expect me to be able to fix anything that goes wrong. I am sure there is some illustration of how we should trust God there, but I won’t try to make it. I just thought I would share the experience.