Simple trust

This morning, my nearly 3-year-old brought me a “necklace” she had made in Sunday school 2 weeks ago. It consisted of a piece of string and a paper square on which is written a question about her Sunday school lesson. Her “necklace” was broken. In other words, the paper had ripped at the hole where the string went through. She cried, “Mommy, fix it.” I told her I couldn’t. She said, “Use tape.” For her and my boys, tape is the cure-all for everything that breaks. I have fixed countless toys with tape over the past years, and they always trust that tape can save the day in my capable hands.

I am just struck by how simply they trust and how they just expect me to be able to fix anything that goes wrong. I am sure there is some illustration of how we should trust God there, but I won’t try to make it. I just thought I would share the experience.