I Want Perfection, and I’m Not Willing to Pay for It!

I still peruse craigslist job listings searching for more at-home income possibilities.  Yes.  I know.  When do I think I will fit that into my already over-crammed life?

So in my perusal of craigslist jobs, I came accross this ad.  Here are the basics of the listing:

BookKeeper Extraordinaire-No Health Benefits (West County)

1) You know QuickBooks incredibly well
2) You have reconciled Quickbooks on a daily/weekly basis with multiple accounts
3) You are well organized.
4) You allow NOTHING to fall through the cracks

Please send:
1) Resume
2) Your favourite film character and why

Flexible Hours

This employer is looking for an incredibly valuable employee.  He/she wants someone who is trained and experienced in the use of a somewhat complex bookkeeping/accounting software application.  The employer is also looking for a perfectionist who never makes mistakes.  He/she wants someone to help keep the business organized.  And, on top of that, he/she apparently wants someone with a personality since the applicant is asked to submit a favorite film character with the reasons why.  Perhaps this is requested because the employer wants the applicant to have writing skills, too.

One would think that this valuable employee would be worth a lot to the prospective employer with all that is being asked.  The pay scale listed for this perfect bookkeeper who never makes mistakes, who has a personality and writing skills–$12 – $15 an hour!  That apparently is the going rate for perfection these days.  Oh, and don’t forget, Perfection should not expect health benefits either!

True Confession

I am a bit disappointed that my MIL was the only one who commented on the lovely photos on my last post.  Despite the fact that this indicates no one is reading my blog, I press on and post again! (Though I appreciate the kind words from my MIL 🙂

So, what I am going to confess?  Well, remember my big plans to walk and eventually run everyday starting back in April?  I did great in April and May, and then school got out and Mark started working nearly 50 hours a week, so my life changed and I didn’t adjust well.  I also started working more, so I just let things slide.  This means, I didn’t reach my goal of hiking with my children without being winded on my birthday in July.

But, never fear.  I am coming up with more goals that I will hopefully meet.  If I don’t set any goals, I know nothing will happen.   If I keep setting goals and working toward them, change is going to happen–at least eventually.

So with the incredible heat of July, I am not starting to walk again outside, but I am going to start using the treadmill 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes.  I have also just finished week 1 of my own low carb diet–sort of an amalgamation of South Beach and Atkins.  Not as much fat as Atkins and not allowing as many carbs at South Beach.  Week 1 went well.  I was really crabby for the first three days as my body adjusted to the new way of eating.  But by Thursday, I was not getting hungry, and I was nicer 🙂

I am not weighing myself at this point because, well, I just don’t want to focus on numbers until I feel some results in clothes fitting, etc.  So I’ll report more about those kind of results after more time passes.

Dieting is really frustrating for me.  I have gained weight in my last 4+ years of living in St Louis.  Stress is a definite factor in weight gain for me, and we have been stressed!  Before we moved back to St Louis, I had been pretty faithfully watching my diet for 4 years, and I exercised a lot.  In the last year, I exercised at least 5 times a week.  In those 4 years, I lost a total of 12 pounds.  But, I did feel a lot better than I have of late.  So, I am trying to just eat better and feel better before I get too serious about numbers.

Positive news is breaking in the Horne household.   Mark has more writing work on the horizon, and it seems God is blessing us in ways we haven’t experienced in a long time.  Feeling a bit optimistic makes the idea of dieting a bit more doable.  But if the circumstances of life change negatively, I want to not allow that to change my resolve.

At this point, all I can say is, pray for my success.