I Want Perfection, and I’m Not Willing to Pay for It!

I still peruse craigslist job listings searching for more at-home income possibilities.  Yes.  I know.  When do I think I will fit that into my already over-crammed life?

So in my perusal of craigslist jobs, I came accross this ad.  Here are the basics of the listing:

BookKeeper Extraordinaire-No Health Benefits (West County)

1) You know QuickBooks incredibly well
2) You have reconciled Quickbooks on a daily/weekly basis with multiple accounts
3) You are well organized.
4) You allow NOTHING to fall through the cracks

Please send:
1) Resume
2) Your favourite film character and why

Flexible Hours

This employer is looking for an incredibly valuable employee.  He/she wants someone who is trained and experienced in the use of a somewhat complex bookkeeping/accounting software application.  The employer is also looking for a perfectionist who never makes mistakes.  He/she wants someone to help keep the business organized.  And, on top of that, he/she apparently wants someone with a personality since the applicant is asked to submit a favorite film character with the reasons why.  Perhaps this is requested because the employer wants the applicant to have writing skills, too.

One would think that this valuable employee would be worth a lot to the prospective employer with all that is being asked.  The pay scale listed for this perfect bookkeeper who never makes mistakes, who has a personality and writing skills–$12 – $15 an hour!  That apparently is the going rate for perfection these days.  Oh, and don’t forget, Perfection should not expect health benefits either!

3 thoughts on “I Want Perfection, and I’m Not Willing to Pay for It!”

  1. people amaze me. i interviewed for (and actually took) a job nanny-ing THREE children, less than 10 years ago, that paid $5 an hour! when i was sitting in the living room of their 4000 square foot home and the mother told me that was the pay, i very nearly burst out laughing. VERY nearly. in the end, i decided to trust them when they said that was all they could pay and figured it must be something along the lines of what you say about not knowing their whole story (it was before i knew you, but basically, i was just trying to be compassionate/trusting). boy did they take advantage of me! (not hard to predict, i know) after their week long trip to disney world and preparations for what turned out to be a very extravagant Christmas (but they got me a candle and some $5 slippers…), i realized that they basically just wanted a slave. and then it all made sense how i was like the fifth nanny in two years. sorry, i am sort of rambling here, but i’m glad YOU are not willing to sell yourself short. it is absolutely astounding to me how people expect to get so much for nothing. on the other hand, this family’s maid service came once a week and did about three hours of work and made what i made in two eight hour days. it was because they named their price. maybe you could put an ad up for what you are willing to do and name your price? just a thought.

  2. Wow, Abby. Even ten years ago I paid $6 an hour for a babysitter for my 3 young children. I always have the feeling that parents should be willing to pay more for childcare since children are priceless–especially when the parents are obviously able to pay!

    I agree the idea of naming my price for what I am willing to do is a pretty good one. Fortunately, I wasn’t considering this job for myself as soon as I realized it was an in-office thing.

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