School So Far

Well, the kids have been in school for a week. So far, it is going well, and we are pleased with the school itself. Our oldest has some learning issues, and he is feeling a bit pressured, but when I asked if he wants to be homeschooled again, he said, “No. I like school. And we might get to use the science lab later in the year.” Our second boy is the most easy going and typical student of our family, so he is enjoying school and finding it helpful and fun. Our first-grade girl is happy to have the opportunity to make friends, but she is still feeling a little nervous about being the “new girl.”

There are several things we are appreciating about the school. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

1. The school’s theme for the year is: “Culitvating a Christ-like Culture.” The faculty and staff seem to have a sincere desire to do this, too.

2. Once a month at chapel, they celebrate anniversaries of baptisms.

3. I attended chapel today, and it was reverent, but not boring. The pastor who spoke was interesting in a way that adults could appreciate and even the kindergarteners could understand. I only wish the kids were encouraged to sing more heartily.

4. The children’s teachers seem to be patient with them as they acclamate to their new environment. This means a lot to us.

5. Even the boys are starting to appreciate wearing their uniforms.

I hope that the remaining 35 weeks are as encouraging as the first one has been.

5 thoughts on “School So Far”

  1. That’s great! I’m glad to hear it. Maybe my mom should have tried an LCMS school in the home state of the LCMS…

  2. The school our boys are going to is. . . Mennonite. Quite different from the staunch reformed-types we are. But we’ve been very blessed, and it’s a good fit for them. Today T7 told me, “I am learning SO much at school!” with such enthusiasm, that it melted my heart.

  3. TulipGirl,
    I am glad your children are enjoying school too. I went to a brethren-founded college, so I know those anbaptists are serious about education!

  4. The elementary school principal was involved with an MK school in Africa for 13 years. That, and the teachers’ positive attitudes towards homeschoolers transitioning to school, have really helped this go more smoothly for ME.

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