The New Camera’s Debut

I guess I mentioned that I have a new digital camera. So here’s my first attempt at posting some photos from it.

July 2005 includes vbs 035.jpg

First, here’s Mark with Charis. Pretty sweet!

July 2005 includes vbs 002.jpg

Here’s Calvin the day after my birthday–the subject of the second picture I took with the new camera.

July 2005 includes vbs 004.jpg

Evangeline with her baseball trophy for participating on the little girls’ team this year.

July 2005 includes vbs 033.jpg

Nevin’s VBS teacher made little photos using this fun poster and my digital camera. So far, this is the only photo of Nevin I’ve managed to get with the new camera. It’s cute, but there will be more to come.

7 thoughts on “The New Camera’s Debut”

  1. Mom,
    Yes, Evangeline had to properly accessorize her maroon baseball tee with a pink glove with purple trim. It’s all about the outfit!

    I enjoy seeing the photos of Jay on your blog. He is definitely his daddy’s boy as far as looks are concerned.

  2. Barb,
    Yes. They do grow up. It’s a blessing and a little sad at the same time since she’s the last one.

    Considering that your little Meg is already nearing 1, and another little one is on the way at your house, it’s not really that surprising that Charis is this big, is it? Don’t you feel like it was only yesterday that Meg was a tiny infant, and look at all she can do now. They grow up too quickly.

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