Sometimes on a Sunday

No Wednesday post this week . . .

A list of what’s on my mind, in no significant order . . .

1.  I lost the pedometer for the work insurance walking program.  I was in the girls’ room in the middle of Evangeline’s sleepover last Saturday, and it fell off.  The next day, Mark and swept all the junk out from under both girls beds, and we didn’t unearth the lost pedometer.  So I have not kept up with my plan this week.  I plan to replace the pedometer, but every one after the first one costs $25.  So I might have to wait to get back on that particular tracking method.  However, I can get a fairly nice one for $4.99 from Aldi later this week (according to their sale paper), so I am thinking I’ll get it and keep track myself until I want to spring for the $25 one.

2.  I enjoyed a day of relatively little running around yesterday, and the next few Saturdays look pretty clear, too.  Praise God for the break.  We even had people over last night.  It was a nice change.

3.  We were reminded of God’s faithful providence in two very tangible ways this past week.   Praise God!

4.  Still praying for wisdom, direction regarding the kids’ schooling next year.

5.  A good friend lost his job this week.  He is the father to 4 great kids, and the husband of a faithful wife.  Please pray for him and all those who are unemployed and underemployed.

6. My mom is having a medical test this coming Tuesday.  It is a new health concern, so I am praying for the results to be insignificant.

7.  Mark’s grandfather is in hospice care.  He and Mark’s aunt who cares for him are on my heart and mind.  Praying for them, too.

That is all.  A busy week ahead.  Enjoy God’s blessings.  Remember Jesus’s death and His glorious resurrection and the hope it brings.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes on a Sunday”

  1. Praying for your friend and your mom. Thanks for your prayers for Judy and Grandpa Renich. Really appreciate your thankful heart and the reminder at the end. Happy Easter!

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