New Toys

Thanks to my husband and my family, I have some new toys to make my life more fun and easier. I had a milestone birthday last week (yes, you know which one), and I received a digital camera and a laptop computer. I am starting some new business ventures, so both of these things will help with that. But so far, I have mostly just been playing around with them. I love using the computer in the living room. I have also enjoyed taking pictures, but I just haven’t downloaded any yet. So I guess the moral of this is that getting older has its perks.

2 thoughts on “New Toys”

  1. Though it was not for a momentous birthday, I also received a laptop a few years ago. The real reason is for managing the finances, but the added benefit of doing that (or say, blogging) in the living room or out in the backyard (but not in triple digit heat, mind you) is definitely a cool thing. I completely concur!

    Oh and Happy late Birthday!! It looks like it was a good one!! 🙂

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