The Final Curtain

I’ve reached the final curtain. VBS 2005 is over. I served as the VBS director at our church this year, and tonight was our closing program after a week of fun, Bible stories, crafts, recreation, and singing. The week went really well, but it wasn’t because of me. I spent a lot of time the last few months planning this and that, but the real reason VBS at Providence was a success once again is because the people who volunteer give 100%. This was a busy summer for everyone who volunteered, and last week, I was feeling like I hadn’t communicated well enough with all the teachers and staff, and that things were going to really fall apart. But that was just my own negative spriral spinning out of control. God graciously provided our VBS program with staff members and helpers who want to make the week fun and educational for the kids who come. I am really thankful for all their help. I am also glad it is over.