I Was Doing So Well for A While

At posting, that is. I was posting about twice a week for a little while there. Then September hit. The new school year is in full swing. Helping with homework. The kids’ activities have picked up. The list could go on and on.

Mark’s new contract job has also added to the “busyness” of my life. He has been working really hard learning and doing his new job. He also started a part-time tutoring job for a local community college just before the contract job started. So he has been squeezing 12 hours a week in there, too. Finally, he had just secured a writing gig for a political group creating their “candidate score card” for college students just before starting the new contract job. Oh, and he has some work for a regular writing client to fit in there too. So while he has not been gone all the time, I have had to hold up more of the work load on the homefront with all of this activity. I am not complaining–just reporting. Truly, I am thankful for the work he has secured. We are now praying it will continue for a long time!

My day job is almost over–sort of. I resigned from my day job 2 weeks ago, but because of the company’s tenuous financial state, they really aren’t in a position to replace me. So I have agreed to work 7 – 8 hours a week when Charis is at pre-school. One of the women who used to work there will also be helping with typing reports on a contract basis. But if this doesn’t work out to suit our family situation, I’ll be out of there.

Life is never stagnate, that’s for sure.

I hope that posts in the future bring reports of all the great projects I am completing around home. However, I have already agreed to 2 play dates for Charis on her free afternoons. Her social life may keep me busier than working! But it will be more fun.

Oh, and somehow in addition to being Charis’s activity director and completing massive home improvement projects and exercising, I am going to market Mark’s business. Hmmm . . . we’ll see.

Oh, yeah, I want to read more, too.

4 thoughts on “I Was Doing So Well for A While”

  1. Jennifer,

    I really say that to myself with some regularity. Otherwise, I would be overwhelmed and do nothing.


    Yes. That’s the “hmmm . . . we’ll see” part. Actually, sleeping better is a priority for me that I didn’t mention. I guess all the other stuff is my “wish list.”

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