Juggling and Other News

Today we got some good news.  Last week Mark went through an interview/testing process for a new job.  A little more than a week later, the company called to say he didn’t get the job.  But with the bad news came an offer to do some very regular contract work for the company.  Yes.  It would have been great to get the full-time gig, but we think the part-time contract work will be enough with Mark’s other clients and part-time tutoring for me to quit my part-time job outside our house.

That’s where the juggling comes in–we (especially Mark) will have a lot of balls in the air to juggle.  I am really thankful that I will be able to resign tomorrow.  I am anxious to spend more time with my little blonde girl during her last year before Kindergarten.  I am anxious to come up with excuses other than my job for not getting the laundry done.  We are thankful for all the balls to juggle!

Now, on to other news  . . . Charis started 3 half-days a week of pre-school today.  She was so tired when I picked her up.  She fell asleep in the five minutes between her school and the big kids’ school.  She said she had a good time. She was really glad to be with kids her own age.  We were glad that she could have some real people to play with in addition to  her imaginary friends.

11 thoughts on “Juggling and Other News”

  1. Jennifer,
    It’s about time you all had some good news! “Too many irons in the fire, is NOT worse than not having any!” Juggle on, Mark!

    I can’t remember the last time you had only 1 paying job…! Yipeeee!

    Enjoy your Charis-time!

  2. Wonderful news, Jennifer. I was certainly praying that Mark would get the full-time gig, but am thankful to hear of the contracting opportunity.

  3. Praise the Lord! I’m sorry it’s not a full-time offer, but so glad you get to be a SAHM! I’ll pray for all the juggling. Family life is always juggling, I think, no matter what our job, school, or living situation is!

  4. Thanks for all the congrats.

    I told my boss that I was quitting yesterday. He was ok about it. I am not sure what that means.

    Today we talked about me helping him through the transition when Charis is at pre-school–about 8 hours a week for a month or so. That won’t be too bad.

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