Kids, Kamp, Kings

Ok. I couldn’t resist the K alliteration. Please don’t hate me!

The 3 big kids are away at Kamp for the week. What sort of camp, you ask? Bible camp. I have really great memories of at least 7 summers in which I attended our denomination’s church camp. Now, the PCA may have camps somewhere, but there aren’t any near here. So our kids are attending a Bible camp that is not related to our church. In a few days when they are home, I’ll post a link to the camp. Since it is the week before July 4, the kids only stay until Friday this week. We are happy that we haven’t received any panicked phone calls from them, and we’re hopeful that this will continue for the next 36 hours until Mark brings them home.

The youngest kid was quite upset that we took away her sister for the week, but I think she is actually enjoying having a little more one-on-one time with Mom and Dad.

One thing we’ve done a lot this week with Charis is to play “king” or queen. We
ate at Burger King on our way home from taking the kids to camp on Sunday, and the paper crown has gotten a lot of use since then.

Painting Kids’ Room
I had grand plans to get several projects completed while the kids were gone this week. Well, I still had to work and do the normal household chores in the evenings, so I haven’t managed to do anything extra yet. But I did get a start on painting the bedroom the girls will be moving into. We are doing a little switching around of rooms–moving the girls to the larger room that has been serving as the play room so they can put their bunk beds down on the floor. With the switch, I promised some redecorating. So the new wall color is a light green–to match the wings of Tinker Bell. Hopefully, once the main color is on the wall, we’ll add Tinker Bell and other fairy accents with purple as the accent color.

Other news?
Is anything else new? Not really. We’re in the process of working through all the questions/issues/details of life to figure out how/where we’ll educate the children next year. The school they have attended for the last 2 years is just out of our price range, so we have to make a change. What type of work Mark and I will do also plays into this decision. So please pray for us if you think of it. Summer is over in 6 weeks, so the decision must be made soon.

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  1. I love alliteration – in moderation!

    Having only one child at home for several days is quite a change of pace. Glad Charis is enjoying the chance to have her parents to herself. And I hope the painting goes smoothly.

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