Kamp 2 – The Gang’s All Here!

The three older children came home from camp today. They are all healthy and well. I was really surprised at how emotional Mark and I were when we dropped them off last Sunday afternoon for a little more than 4 days of camp. So we were really missing them while they were gone. All the reviews indicate that camp was a hit.

Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp is the name of the place. It is down near Rolla in a really beautiful part of Missouri. As a family we went there over Memorial Day for their Family Camp, and we enjoyed the facilities and the fun.

A few interesting highlights — Evangeline had a counselor named Karis. It was easy for her to remember her name. Evangeline also passed the swimming test, and she is begging to go back for another week’s session before the summer ends. Nevin and Calvin also had fun, but I haven’t had a chance to get a “review” from them. Nevin did say that he answered the EE questions “very well.” They are all begging to go to the Labor Day family camp, too.

On the home front, I finished priming and painting the girls’ new room. I have to paint the trim, but the walls are done. Evangeline was really happy to come home to this surprise.

Charis was happy to welcome home her big sister, too. Their sharing a bed tonight in celebration of their reunion.

It was a little too quiet around here this week. I’m glad to have the whole gang back.

2 thoughts on “Kamp 2 – The Gang’s All Here!”

  1. Congrats on the room painting progress.

    I also like to have all my “chickens” home. It’s a good feeling.

    PS-Family camp sounds like fun!

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