Traveling and family

My extended family is large and far-flung. I have 8 siblings, and all but one brother now live within 20 minutes of my mother’s home near where we grew up. The 4 sisters, however, live in 4 different states. Because Mark and I have lived far from my childhood home, we don’t get oppportunities to visit my mom or siblings often. Making the time and finding the money to take a family of 6 on long road trips has been hard for us.

This weekend, my sister’s middle son is getting married in a city only 6 hours from St. Louis, so we made the trip to be at the wedding and to see my family–my mom especially. I actually have been having a hard time figuring out exactly when we saw her last. Charis, our youngest is 4, and I think we took the kids to see my mom when she was 2, but I can’t be sure. My brain sometimes plays tricks on me 🙂

Tonight we arrived at our hotel, and then headed to my sister’s house to see the other family members who had already arrived. It is great to see my mom again, and it was wonderful to see Charis and Evangeline love on my mom when they don’t really know her well. My mom, Grandma Burkett to them, was eating it up. It made me feel like we have to work out ways to see her more often.

We also received warm greetings from the other siblings and their families. I often envy friends who have really close relationships with their siblings, but I felt tonight that although I am not close to all of mine, if I needed something, they would be there for me.

Tomorrow, 7 of the 9 siblings will attend my nephew’s wedding. That’s better than the number that made it to mine–there were 4 of us there when you count me. Despite the hassles of the quick weekend trip, I am glad we came.

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  1. We’re so glad to hear you’re safely there and we’re especially happy for your mother’s sake!

  2. Hi, Jennifer. Long time no see! I lost touch when you moved to St. Louis, but just discovered you had a blog, so here I am! I recently started a blog as well, so pop over for a visit. I hope you guys are well. My Dad (metant) talks to Mark every now and then. Glad you were able to see your Mom and family. I miss being close to mine…
    Love ya,
    Jen in Atlanta

  3. Jennifer, I’ve read this post a couple times. I’m dumbfounded that all your siblings weren’t in attendance at your wedding. Was it too far for them to travel?

    I’m glad you got to see your family, especially your mom.

  4. April,

    I can understand other people not really understanding why my siblings wouldn’t have been at my wedding. However, I did get married in South Florida, where I was living at the time, which was a far distance for most of them to travel. My sister whose son was married over the weekend was one of the siblings that traveled to come to the wedding. My other sister lives in S FL. The third one who came is my single brother who lives with my mom. He actually “gave me away” since my dad was dead by that time.

    But I understand the comment because as a mom now, I can’t imagine any one of my children getting married without the others all coming. But we have a really different family dynamic than my family growing up did. I hope I am not disappointed when my children are marrying age. I hope I have 4 wedding photos that include all 4 children in each one.

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