Halloween & Other Treats

We were short one of our normal crew for Halloween night trick or treating. Calvin was home with the stomach flu, but this witch, little cat, and Ninja, had a great time collecting treats
on a really great crisp fall night in our new neighborhood and a few places beyond it.

This photo shows all Calvin was able to manage this Halloween. (Take note of the lovely wallpaper in the background. We like to call this space “the Laura Ashley Room.”)

Here you see our lovely Jack O Lanterns. They aren’t great works of art, but I did let the girls really help me. They looked very festive as they greeted treat seekers who came to our door.

We had a great Halloween season. The boys’ cubscout pack party gave them another opportunity to don costumes. This photo is from that night:

The last photo has nothing to do with Halloween. It was the treat I got from a “neighbor.” I joined freecycle.com last month, and I have tried to get a few things since joining. On Friday, I saw a trampoline listed, and it was from someone in our zipcode. It turned out they were two streets over, and I contacted them soon enough to be chosen to receive the trampoline. So the kids bounced all Saturday and Sunday afternoons. That’s why this photo is out of focus.

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