The End of Another Week

Wow! How does time fly by so quickly? We were busy again this week, but I won’t go into all the details like I did last Friday. Suffice it to say: 4 kids, Halloween, a birthday party, the end of the stomach flu trip through our house.

I feel pretty good about the week. I took care of lots of kid things, and I was offered a part-time at-home copywriting job that I am really excited about. I also saw one of my press releases for the children’s school get picked up in one of the local weekly papers. So work wise, I feel like the week was successful.

We are going through a major transition in our lives, though. So our emotional health is on something of a rollercoaster. I am trying to look for good things to cheer about in everyday life to keep the negative thoughts away. If you think of it, say a prayer for us. We are trusting God, but we still have to fight off doubt and despair.

5 thoughts on “The End of Another Week”

  1. Did the children wear their Hogwarts costumes for Halloween? The job sounds ideal — we’ll pray it will work out for your benefit and enjoyment. And, as you know, you’re all in our prayers always.

  2. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Last week was really better than the week before, so either things really got better or God is granting us the grace to handle things better. It is good to know that you and many others are praying.
    And, Mom, to answer your question, about Halloween, the kids did not go as HP et al. First, Calvin was home with stomach flu, so he missed trick or treat altogether. Nevin went as a Ninja; Evangeline was a Barbie princess ($2 Goodwill); Charis maintained her Hogwarts attire as a cat. I have some photos I intend to post before too much time passes.

  3. how sad about Calvin being sick for trick r treat…I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope all tummies at your house are back to normal. and we are so thrilled about your job opportunity, and continue in our prayers for all of you.

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