Da De Dee De, Da Da Daa Da

So I planned to put up all the kids school photos, but my scanner gave me some problems. It is actually probably the old PC that the scanner is attached to. I hate having to move things around, but I think I will have to hook up the scanner to my laptop for future scanning needs. Therefore, the photos of the kids will have to wait.

In other news, Calvin has his first band concert tonight. Yes. A bunch of 5th graders playing instruments after only 2 months of practice. It should be entertaining. However, in Calvin’s defense, when I have heard him practicing his saxaphone at home, he has done an admirable job, and we don’t feel like running away. He actually hits the right notes, and we recognize the tune.

No other big news. I finished my first training assignment for my new at-home ad copywriting job yesterday. I received a note from the co-ordinator today that I won’t get my official feedback until next week. So I guess I’ll have to take care of my own stuff tomorrow. I cleaned up about 2 weeks worth of papers that were stacked around my work space in the basement this afternoon. That always makes me feel better about life.

Stay tuned for some photos in the next couple of days. Until then . . .