The Week in Review

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Let’s start with today. Today is this smiling 3rd grader’s 9th birthday. Nine years ago today, Mark was in seminary, working full-time, and generally very busy. My OB wanted to induce Nevin 10 days early, so we chose October 27 as the day because Mark was on fall break from seminary. It was a good delivery. All went well, and we had our second boy. We are so thankful for Nevin’s sweet spirit. He, like all children, is not perfect. But he’s one of our 4 gifts from God and we are grateful for him.

Since his birthday falls so close to Halloween, we decided to have his “friend” party next weekend. So today, he was allowed to choose what he wanted for dinner. Here’s the menu he requested: mozzarella sticks, salisbury steak (affectionately known at our house as “gravy meat,” and mashed potatoes. I must say that I lucked out as far as ease of preparation is concerned. We ate dinner early because I have to get Calvin over to school for his school musical.

The rest of the week:
Monday – Helped Mark with his resume; laundry.
Tuesday – Worked on press release for the children’s school; laundry; helping with school fundraiser, cleaning up vomit due to littlest girl’s stomach virus.
Wednesday – Entertaining little girl recovering from stomach flu; laundry; more work on resumes–Mark’s and mine.
Thursday– Call drain opening service to unclog our sewer line; attend women’s Bible study; buy birthday present; work on writing test for job prospect; laundry; buy thrift store items to turn into Indian costume for school musical; attend another Bible study (yes, I am super spiritual), go grocery schopping; make Indian costume, wake up an hour after going to bed to clean up daughter #2’s vomit from stomach virus.
Friday–Send package in the mail; drop by school with forgotten band instrument; quick trip to the grocery store; read to the sick girl and her younger sister; make lunch; laundry; send press release to local papers; short nap; create culinary masterpiece of gravy meat and mashed potatoes with side of mozarella sticks; review report cards; deal with school discipline issue for the birthday boy; eat supper; blog; head off to school musical.

It’s not very interesting, but listing out everything done for the week makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I am also glad to be reporting on the tasks of my home rather than the tasks of working away from home. I am thankful for all the mundane tasks this week. Even being able to comfort the sick girls. Of course, I am expecting to be comforting sick boys at some point over the next few days, too.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Review”

  1. I do hope that you and the “boys” in your family don’t share in the girls’ fate! And Happy Birthday to Nevin, who is a real sweetheart. What a busy week — I’m tired just reading about it.

  2. Happy B-day N…a bit late.

    I think it’s time for a holiday, don’t you? My week was so busy and thankfully there was no puking, but at one point I found myself walking from one room to the next trying to figure out what to do; laundry, dishes, work, school, fix dinner, clean up toys….ahg! I was overwhelmed by too many options, so I didn’t do any of them and read a magazine. Now I must pay the price or go nutso crazy this week.

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