Teaberry Gum & Tea Berry Ice Cream

This is a picture of the teaberry plant, aka, Gaultheria procumbens. This plant grows in the area of my home town in Western PA. As a kid, I remember chewing teaberry gum and eating teaberry icecream. Some people say the flavor reminds them of peptobismo, but I think it is really much more tasty than that. It is sort of minty–like wintergreen–but it is a flavor like no other. Recently on a walk through the aisles of the dollar store, I came across teaberry gum. I have only ever eaten the ice cream in my home town. Over the years as Mark and I have moved to different parts of the country, I have never been able to find it. The gum has also seemed to be elusive, so finding it at the dollar store was pretty amazing to me.

So if you ever see a pink pack of Clark’s Teaberry Gum or if you are traveling in the Mid-Atlantic states and someone offers you teaberry icecream, you will at least now have some idea what you’re in for.

2 thoughts on “Teaberry Gum & Tea Berry Ice Cream”

  1. Teaberry is an evergreen– my kiddos love that we can find it (and chew its leaves like gum) even in the winter, and that the berries and the leaves taste pretty much the same.

    We’re pretty crazy about teaberry gum, when we can find it.

    Fun picture and Latin name! (Wow! What homework!)

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