Eclectic Wanderings

It occurs to me that my last few blog entries have been rather unrelated and a bit “stream-of-consciousness” in style. Today’s is no different. I sort of enjoy that “eclectic wandering” way of thinking.

Girls Flying
The first thing on my mind today is something nearly-5-year-old Evangeline said at lunch. She said, “Mommy, why can’t I fly?” I chuckled to myself and told her to ask Daddy. Then she said, addressing Mark, “Daddy, teach me to fly.” Mark gave her a good explanation of why she can’t fly. But I wonder if she really thought her daddy could teach her to fly while I might only be able to tell her why she couldn’t. Hmmm . . . Still processing this.

Foot Update
I also have been thinking that I would update anyone who reads this on the condition of my foot. It is much better; it still aches after a day of regular activity. I went to the gym on Friday for the first time in 2 weeks. I did an hour at a slow speed on the treadmill, thinking this would be better than a short time at my regular pace. Well, now my entire leg seems out of sorts. I am sure it will all recover in time.

Finally, the last thing on my mind is birthdays. It so happens that 3 of the 4 children in our family have spring birthdays. Last week, we celebrated Calvin, our oldest son’s 8th birthday. Eight seems really old. But there really is something rewarding in seeing children grow into responsible people. I think you really get a taste of that at around 7 and 8 years old. Charis turns 1 next Saturday. It will be nice to have a party that involves making a cake and giving only one present. Expectations at a child’s 1st birthday don’t exist, so the party is really for the parents and the older siblings. Evangeline has her birthday next–in about a month. She’ll be 5. Every week she has a new theme or guest list for her party, and this started in March when Calvin mentioned that his birthday was coming.

The funniest thing about all the birthday talk around here is the younger children trying to understand why if Charis is younger than Evangeline, why does her birthday come first. Since they have limited understanding of the calendar, it is hard for them to grasp how one can be older and still have their birthday last in the year–and at our house, Daddy’s birthday is the last one of the year.

One More Thing
I have been reading Desiring God by John Piper for about the last year. I finally got really into it about 6 weeks ago, and now I am nearly done. I have enjoyed this book so much. It is very convicting to me regarding the priorities in my life. I have also found its discussion about Christian suffering helpful. I won’t have time to writeanything really thorough about my thoughts on the book, but I thought at the very least I would recommend it.

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  1. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but that pain thing with your foot/toes will likely be with you in varying degrees for many more months! I read Desiring God a few years ago (I think it was a gift from you and Mark) and enjoyed it very much. It would be well worth reading again.

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