Hallmark’s Budding Card Writer

I wish I could post nearly-5-year-old Evangeline’s most recent artisitic contribution to our household. (I might be able to scan it, but it is a bit large.) Anyway, Evangeline loves to create “cards” for her friends and family. Today we celebrated Calvin’s birthday, so she decided later in the evening to create a birthday card for her baby sister’s 1st birthday which is coming in 2 weeks. She placed all the stickers from a Pooh sticker sheet on the top half of the page. Then she drew a couple of stick people representing herself and her sister on the bottom of the page. In between the stickers and the the people she placed two large pumpkins and about 6 little silver squares. She proudly brought me her creation and asked me to write, “Sisters are better than Silver and Pumpkins” on the card. I am not sure what to think of how she came up with this idea, but even though I don’t understand it, it seems to show some interesting creativity. Perhaps with several years remaining to hone her creative talents, Hallmark will be calling her and offering her a job.

3 thoughts on “Hallmark’s Budding Card Writer”

  1. It’s a long shot but has she heard Prov. 25:11 lately? It contains an orangey yellow (gold) friut/vegetable and silver…

    In any case, very creative! Happy early birthday, Charis!

  2. Barb,
    Interesting thought… I am not sure if she has heard that verse from proverbs recently or not. I just thought silver and pumpkins were interesting things to link in value. However, most young children really love pumpkins.

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