Who is that masked man?

Who is that masked man riding in that snappy new Jeep baby doll stroller? Is it Ken? GI Joe? A Rescue Hero? No. It’s Robin, and that isn’t a baby doll stroller, it’s the batmobile. Nevin has taken to pushing his sister’s Christmas gift doll stroller about the house and outside with his toy Robin proudly standing where the baby doll would normally sit, and all 3 of the older children have now dubbed the stroller “the batmobile.” Really too funny. I would have never guessed this would be how the stroller would be used, but it has added a new bit of amusement to our lives.

2 thoughts on “Who is that masked man?”

  1. The “gift-givers” are also surprised! But maybe we shouldn’t be, having seen the creativity of your children when it comes to the use of their toys.

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