Happy New Year

Wow! 2004 is here already. Have you noticed that the older you get, the faster time seems to move? I remember thinking a week was an eternity when I was a little child. Then, in high school, if someone said, “Get that to me a week from now,” I would think, “A week should be plenty of time.” Now, if I have a week to get something done, I feel much more pressured. Time is much more fleeting to me now. I think about the concept of time a lot when I hear my 4 year old say “We did that last year,” when she means “yesterday.” I am also reminded of it when I see my 7-year-old beginning to have a better understanding of how long periods of time really are.

Regardless of how quickly 2003 passed for you, I wish you the best in 2004. Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. And Happy New Year to you!
    Calvin told me he and Nevin were staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. Did they make it?

  2. We put them to bed a little early (7:30) and promised to get them up at 11. They didn’t fall asleep until 9 at the earliest. Then when we tried to wake them up at 11:30, they were like stones. So we let them sleep. They weren’t happy about it, but we told them we would give it another try next year.

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