The last payment

Christmas is over. We are home from the post-Christmas trip to visit my family in PA. (That trip, by the way, was the longest and most arduous journey we have taken as a family. Considering we have moved cross-country twice, and halfway across the country once, that is saying something.) The children are back in school. Life is back to routine.

One routine we all hate is paying bills. But this month, I am looking forward to paying one that I received in the mail today. After 15 long years, I am making my final student loan payment for college. I feel as if some celebration is in order. But, since that isn’t likely to take place, at least it is worth noting this achievement on my blog.

5 thoughts on “The last payment”

  1. Kristen,
    It doesn’t take everyone that long to pay off student loans. And, in the overall scope of the size of some student loans, mine was not that high. I was just able to get a good interest rate and opted to extend the loan to lower my payment because my first job out of college was a very low-paying ministry job.

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