Eleven Years

Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary. It’s not as monumental as 15, 20, 25, 40 or 50, but each year we spend together our marriage gets a little better and our lives a little richer (in the non-materialistic sense, of course.) So to me, it is worth noting.

Getting married 5 days before Christmas was a great idea back in 1991. We went to Coral Ridge Pres to church, and they decorate the place to the hilt. So, the only flowers I paid for were the bouquets and bouteneers (sp?). Since I had worked for an arm of the church (tv/radio ministry) for four years, I had a few connections, and all the flowers that I needed for the reception were moved to the fellowship hall from other parts of the church. Again, no money needed for the reception decor. So, while I did drop by my office on December 20, 1991 to make sure the ministry’s magazine was “put to bed,” I was not really that busy. Since I was getting married, no one was expecting great Christmas preparations from me. It was relatively smooth sailing then.

Eleven years and 3 kids later, my December 20 looks quite a bit different. I got up, took the boys to school, and set off to El Reno with Evangeline to pick up my paycheck, go to the bank, drop off the broken vacuum cleaner at the repair place, and pick up last minute treats for Nevin’s pre-K Christmas party. Back home by 9:50, I dropped off Evangeline with Mark and headed to Nevin’s party. I also had to take drinks, and I was 5 minutes late. They thought I was a no-show. Phew! I just made it. Nevin and I headed home at 10:50. From that point on, I was on a mission to clean the back bathroom and Evangeline’s room for Mark’s parents to use when they arrive later in the day. I finish just in time to head off to Calvin’s first grade Christmas party at 2:15. I was in charge of the party in his class, and I was also 5 minutes late. The other moms gave me the evil eye, but I tried to ignore it. All in all, the party came off pretty well, including a rousing game of “pin the beard on Santa.”

Calvin and I got home at about 3:10, and within 20 minutes, Mark’s parents arrived for their holiday visit. We are glad to have them with us, and the kids are thrilled to have them, too. I got dinner on the table for the kids and the in-laws, and then, thanks to Mom and Dad, Mark and I went out to celebrate our anniversary at a really nice restaurant in OKC called Boca Boca. We enjoyed the evening together in a quiet place where no high chairs or boosters seats could be seen.

When I think about next year’s anniversary and realize that it will likely be busier since there will be another little one to care for, I could get overwhelmed. But instead, I want to focus on the wonderful husband God has given me and the beautiful children we have together. I really do get richer with each passing year.

7 thoughts on “Eleven Years”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    This is just getting scary, all these things we have in common, including anniversaries within days of each other. 🙂

    It sure is nice to have a pre-decorated church–no expenditure, no worries. When the holidays roll around, are you also reminded of your wedding day? It makes the season even more special.

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