Drum roll, please!

Baby #4 is expected to arrive sometime in May. Today, we had our ultrasound. We are the type who like to know the sex of the baby ahead of the delivery. Unlike #3, this baby cooperated . . . IT’s A GIRL! I should also mention that all of the other measurements and indicators the technician was looking for were normal. So as far as medical technology can tell, it seems like our youngest daughter is healthy and growing well. Praise God!

9 thoughts on “Drum roll, please!”

  1. YIPEE!!!

    I’m just elated! Another new friend for Claire. 🙂

    I’ll bet Evangeline is on Cloud 9 too. I guess this will make the bedroom sharing situation a bit easier.

    Making any progress on picking a name, or is that a big secret?

  2. I should add here that because of how we worked out picking up the kids from different places today, Mark had forgotten to tell Calvin that the baby was a girl. So he just went in to his room and told him. Mark said, “He wasn’t too thrilled at first. But I told him this way he wouldn’t have to share his room with another person and it would make it more even. Then Calvin said, ‘Yeah. It’s kind of like in Narnia.'”

  3. Evangeline was happy when we first talked about it, but I don’t think it has sunk in as much with her as it has with the boys. They wanted a brother, of course, but I think they will adjust.

    The ease of room sharing will make it much easier on us, so that is also a blessing.

    Regarding a name, we have a good idea. However, we aren’t in total agreement yet. It isn’t a big secret, but I am not sure that I’ll blog it to the world until she is born. Perhaps when we have agreed, I’ll send you a little e-mail.

  4. Isn’t ultrasound awesome? I had the privilege of seeing my nephew in utero. He had his perfect little hand over his mouth. Then, he moved his hand & opened his mouth. Wow.

    Looking forward to the announcement of a new covenant child in May!

  5. Congratulations! i pray that you and your baby girl will continue to be healthy as you make preparations and get ready for her arrival in May!

  6. Congratulations!! That is such wonderful news!! It is always a blessing to hear of another child being born into the covenant. May God bless you and your daughter through the pregnancy and birth … and to her adulthood. 🙂

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