I returned all my students’ papers and turned my grades into the registrar yesterday morning. Evangeline went with me to be my helper, and she got quite a welcome reception from students and staff alike. My little foray (sp?) into teaching is over for now. Perhaps I’ll do it again some day.

Today I have so many things to do to get ready for Christmas that I have done none of them. By Monday, I hope to be into the swing of all the holiday preparations.

7 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. Yes! Blog more often.

    I hope you manage the swing into Christmas…I haven’t done so yet. The pressure is mounting! I have to get some shopping done! The tree! The outside wreath! The stockings hung on the mantle…Help!

  2. Wow, what an accomplishment to be done with the grading! Joel has mounds to slog though yet.

    I was remarking to Joel last night that Christmas has become the time of year I dread instead of anticipate. The shopping alone is like running a marathon. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that “gifts” is one of my “love languages,” so I have a kind of conpulsion to find the perfect gift for everyone. Maybe with some counseling, I can just give everyone gift certificates next year. *sigh*

  3. Oh, Laurel, I’m the same! So I asked my mom what she wanted for Christmas — a WalMart gift certificate. No amount of arguing or cajoling could elicit further response. Sigh….

  4. Ugh. I realize now that there’s a typo in my last comment. CoMpulsion. Oy vey. This is what holiday stress does to me. LOL

    Valerie, that’s funny, my mom also asked for gift certificates, but to Perkins and Denny’s, where my dad still enjoys eating. And gifts are her primary love language. So I don’t question, but do what she asks. She gets so disappointed when she doesn’t get what’s on her wish list.

  5. Laurel–Joel is a real professor at a real school. I was just a fill-in adjunct at a community college. So the fact that he is still slogging away is not surprising. I have real respect for anyone who teaches college full-time after this experience.

    Barb–Since I have small children, the tree has been up since Thanksgiving weekend. But I am still lacking in some of the same areas. My biggest job is to shop and wrap!

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