nothing much

I haven’t weighed in yet this week, so I don’t have any news on the weight loss effort. The exercising has come to a stand still this past week. There’s a lot going on in our church that is affecting my motivation, plus I had several extra school responsibilities and a 6-year-old birthday party to plan last week. Whine whine whine. I will do better this week. I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes after tonight.

Books. I finished Wheel of Fortune last week while I waited for my children to finish gymnastics lessons. It was an excellent book. I will write more thoughts later, but I must say that as I finished the book, I could see the characters for Howatch’s future books (Starbridge Series) developing in her mind. I am still not much further in The Holiness of God. Now that the novel is done, I may get further. However, I have an editing job to do this week, so it may fall by the way once again.

Regarding reformed books, I appreciated the suggestions of some of you for books to use in discussion with my newly reformed friends. I think I have settled on working through the Shorter Catechism with them and studying the proof texts. My sister-in-law mentioned a couple of books she used in a high school study on TULIP. That may be the next thing we tackle. I think these friends want to get beyond the popularized stuff like Sproul. But I will still read them for a reference point.

A nearly 3-year-old girl just climbed on my lap, so I need to close.