I didn’t go to my TOPS group last night, so I didn’t weigh in this week. I feel like I have at least maintained my weight since last week. I haven’t walked since last Wednesday. My life is sometimes just too busy to work it in. I don’t think I’ll manage working it in today either. So a whole week has passed since I last exercised. I hope to remedy this tomorrow, and will work toward that not happening again.

Books– believe it or not, I am still not finished with Wheel of Fortune. I still have about 80 pages left. Again, my responsibilities have precluded me from reading. But, I will say that Laurel is right about the book having more Christian elements in the second half. As I read it, I have a sense that Howatch was using characters in this book (Young Hal, Pam) as prototypes for her characters in the Starbridge series. I imagine that reading Howatch’s books gives me a picture of her own spirtual journey. It would interest me to talk with her in person about what she believes.

Holiness of God–still in chapter 4. Haven’t had time to read this book either. My son’s birthday was Sunday, so we had various celebrations. Mark was out of town, making me busier over the weekend. I helped host a baby shower at church on Saturday. Sunday had all of its regular obligations plus the consecration of a new wing of the Methodist church’s building, in which Mark was asked to participate. Then we had a community-wide ladies’ function last night for which I had been a part of the organizing group. Tonight is Calvin’s kindergarten program for school. So we are just busy. Things will slow down soon, I hope.