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I went to weigh in last night. It was bad news–up 1 3/4 pounds. Since I had been faithful to my way of eating and my rings were tight, I attribute it to water retention. I used the bathroom 3 times during the course of the meeting, so I weighed afterward just out of curiosity, and I had lost 1/2 pound. So it is not as bad as it might be. However, I have allowed some stress in my life to successfully tempt me into emotional eating today. I was baking cookies for the teacher appreciation lunch at my son’s school, and I gave in and tried them. I also tried some store-bought cherry pie that was in our fridge because it had been given to us as a leftover from the fellowship meal on Sunday. I thought I would be sick, but I wasn’t. However, I do feel more fatigued now. I have been on this WOE since the end of January, and I have consistently passed up desserts and resisted tasting them while making them for various other people or functions. So I am not at the point of saying they can’t be in my house. I am at the point of saying, “I cheated. It’s done. Now back to the program.” Hopefully, faithfully returning to the program and adding some exercise this week will get me back on track without too much of a setback.

Onto book updates . . . Finished chapter 4 of The Holiness of God. It is good. I think I will get through the rest of it fairly quickly. I also finished another chapter of Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson. It is really a good book. I started it months ago, and I had to put it down because of manuscripts I had to edit. Then I just didn’t get back to it. But it is really excellent, and I hope to finish it soon too. Perhaps I will take the time to be more coherent in my evaluations of these books in the future, but time doesn’t permit that now.

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  1. Too bad “way of eating” has such a negative acronym! Maybe some creative minds will come up with something better.

  2. I’m wondering if you might be able to pawn off all cookie-making responsibilities to one of the other moms, and help the teacher with projects that don’t involve food. It seems cruel to expect you to run a bake shop while you are striving toward weight loss.

    Don’t beat yourself up for “cheating,” but try to think positively about how you will burn the extra calories this week. I know you can do it, you’re making awesome progress!!

    Have you tried using free weights at all? I got some ankle weights at K-Mart for about $15, and use them for leg and arm exercises. It adds some variety to the routine, and helps you build muscle and raise your metabolism.

  3. Laurel,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, this was the first time in the 3 months I have been on this program that I have been tempted to really cheat while baking. I actually volunteered to make the cookies because I use store bought dough that is good and easy. And, in the past, I have had much better control. I do have a few free weights. I know they help, as I have used them before, but I just haven’t gotten it together with the exercise yet.

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