Anne of Green Gables

Ok, I know I must seem like a broken record writing about Anne of Green Gables again, but I had to because I just splurged and purchased the 2-part video at Sam’s Club on Tuesday. I hadn’t planned on watching it this soon, but my soon to be 3-year-old daughter and I were home alone this morning, and she wanted me to put it on (I think because she liked Anne’s picture on the box). So I did, and we watched while I folded laundry, updated the check book, and did other rather stationery chores. When you read the Anne novels, you get a real sense of the child’s over-active imagination and her overly dramatic approach to life. The video adaptation captures both of these things well. The actress who portrays Anne plays her just as I would expect her to be after reading the books. I played part of the second tape after lunch while my nearly 6-year-old boy played and watched a bit. He got into it right away. Both he and my daughter were very interested in the dramatic expressions of Anne. My son also felt sorry for her when she didn’t get what she wanted and she acted like the world had ended because of it. I realized that I must come across much like Marilla Cuthbert does to Anne when I refuse to let my children do what they want. I think that is what my son was thinking. I also realized that I am not sure I want my son and daughter to read these books until they are nearly grown. They already over dramatize everything, they hardly need the encouragement of a heroine like Anne Shirley.