More on the Holiness of God

Well, I have read a couple more chapters of The Holiness of God. I am enjoying it. I heard RC Sproul speak in person a couple of times, and he strikes me as a personable, down-to-earth sort of guy. His writing style strikes me the same way, thus making this book sort of friendly and accessible. I think my plan at this point is to finish this as quickly as I can and then read Chosen by God. Then I will talk with my “newly reformed” friends about reading them together for discussion. I appreciated Dawn’s suggestion of Chosen by God. I have a friend from college who read this book, and it is what drew him to becoming presbyterian (not to mention the obvious sovereignty of God). So I am hopeful that these books will be a good place to start. I also wanted to comment that it has been good for me to read some non-fiction again. I have sort of ignored non-fiction for a long time, so I am enjoying reading for learning more than for entertainment–although we all know we learn a lot when we read good fiction.