Wheel of Fortune

I am taking a long time to read Susan Howatch’s novel Wheel of Fortune. It isn’t that it is not interesting or a good story. It is just hard for me to get blocks of time in which to read. However, I wanted to note a couple of similarities between this book and the other Howatch novels I have read (Starbridge Series, Wonder Worker). The characters in WoF are concerned about “setting things right” in much the same way characters in her other books were. They also make comments about “doing the done thing” and allusions to “earning prizes,” much the same way the characters did in her other books. I am also beginning to wonder is Ginevra, the main character, will be able to accept good fortune if it ever materializes for her (I’m only on p 176, and there are 1171 total pages).

I know this is not very interesting to anyone else at this point, but I am just using my blog as a journal of sorts to help me keep track of some thoughts. One also might wonder if I will ever finish the book. Mmm . . .

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  1. Glad you’ve returned to blog-land. I think you are right about the ties between WoF and the Starbridge novels. Her pro-Christian views become increasingly evident in the latter half of the book.

    BTW, she wrote this as a modernization of the Henriad. I’d love to hear if you can pick up the echoes of that history as you are reading. I didn’t know about the ties to John of Gaunt, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V until I finished the book.

  2. OK, Laurel. You have just trumped me intellectually in a big way–not as if that is any great accomplishment ;). I don’t know the story of Henriad. But I will now try to find out something about it before I finish this book. Thanks for welcoming me back, though.

  3. I’m pretty convinced I read this book when I was in High School, but I remember absolutely nothing about it. Actually, I think I read a lot of Susan Howatch in High School and remember absolutely nothing about the books. I picked up a copy at the used bookstore tonight, so maybe I’ll have to try and catch up 🙂

  4. Dawn,

    I think I would have been lost in most of Howatch’s books in high school. I hope you enjoy the W of F now that you are a grown-up.

  5. I think I followed plot only, and didn’t understand the more serious issues that were built into the story – certainly little character development or themes! I’ll have to go through my box of hs projects and see if I can find if this is the one I read.

    I can’t believe you’re already in the 700s! You must read quite quickly, that’s great!

  6. No, Dawn. I don’t read very fast. I have just been neglecting some of my housework to keep reading. I made up for that yesterday though, so I am back on track in the housework dept. Of course, I am still only in the 700s in the book.

  7. can anyone please help me? where did the euthor get her epigraphs? i really enjoyed them. it’s for my thesis…

  8. Charm
    I e-mailed Laurel to ask if she knows the answer to your question. Perhaps she’ll post it here. If not, I’ll send it on to you if she knows.

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