Wassup Wednesday – 8 — A little late

Beginning with a Book:  I started reading Simply Christian by NT Wright over last weekend. Chapter 1, “Putting the World To Rights,” talks about our longing for justice in the world.  To me, it seems Wright is talking about the void we all feel that there has to be something–someone who can straighten out the mess we’re in.  Of course, as Christians, that person is Jesus.  Wright talks of our need to be passionate about justice as Christ is.

So far, I am finding it compelling, though there is an underlying current that is a little off-setting to me.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but the rest of the book might balance out that feeling.  More to come.

I am still reading HP3, but I really will finish it this week!

Food:  We’re still low-carbing in a sense, but not with as much gusto.  My lagging creativity coupled with the expense of eating more meat and veggies is causing us to rethink.  So now, we are trying to limit our carb intake to supper time to allow for some pasta or bread.  We are also trying to keep our portions in control and continuing to not snack.

I am also trying to bake some bread that is more healthy and even a bit less expensive than the store-bought kind.  Some friends here told me about a book called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I haven’t actually seen the book yet, but I found some of the concepts at the Mother Earth News website, and I am trying it for the first time tonight.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  It certainly sounds like a good idea!


Exercise: All of my efforts this year have been a failure on the exercise front.  So I started a much more reasonable walking program this week that I might actually stick to.  It is based on the program in this book: The Complete Guide to Walking.

Kids:  Regular season games of football end this weekend.  W00-hoo!  It sounds like the post-season will end within 2 weeks.  Can I hear an Amen!?

And, in honor of Nevin’s upcoming 12th birthday on Tuesday, I leave you with this photo:

4 thoughts on “Wassup Wednesday – 8 — A little late”

  1. What a sweetie! I mean a grown up, tough, handsome, football playin’ sweetie of course! I just still see that little boy in his smile and he is STILL a sweet boy.

  2. Happy early Birthday, Nevin! He’s so cute!

    I have a friend that has the Artisan Bread cookbook and loves it. It’s on my Christmas list.

    Hang in there on the diet thing. You’ve got to find a way of eating that you can live with for the rest of your life and then just do the best you can & try not to fret about it. 🙂 For me the real life-changer was finding exercise that I like and am committed to no matter what.

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Nevin, girls. I read them to him, and he was ok with being called a sweetie and a cutie from by two moms.

    I made my first batch of bread last night. The first loaf was flatter than it should have been (my fault, long story), but the texture and flavor of the bread was excellent despite that. I think we will enjoy the bread book. Mmmm…..

    Thanks for the encouragement re: the diet. I feel ok about things right now as I am definitely improved since mid-summer, and I am not giving up. But I need to hear that “stick-with-it” message now and then to keep motivated.

  4. After reading your update I had to get out my bread cookbooks that have been neglected for awhile. I use my bread machine for prep, but hate the shape of the baked loaf and usually finish the process in the oven. Either way the smell of baking bread is wonderful!

    Hope Nevin has a very happy birthday on Tuesday.

    And we don’t mind your being late this once!

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