Wassup Wednesday – 7

So here it is Wednesday again . . .

Pictures: From our church’s harvest party

News: Tonight, Mark and I surgically removed a red plastic peg from Charis’s ear.  It took bribery to get her to remain still enough to put the tweezers far enough into her ear to get a decent grip on the thing, but hurray, no trip to the ER was necessary!  The whole shenanigan happened just when I was about to head out the door to take Calvin to football practice, so we managed to get a night off from practice because at that point we weren’t sure whether we would be home or at the ER.  So the incident did have a silver lining. 🙂  The peg game was thrown away after the procedure was complete!

Kids: Football is over in 2 – 3 weeks (playoffs make the schedule a bit uncertain).  Calvin has started practice with a homeschool basketball team, so there will be some crossover.  We are committed to the idea of having him be playing a sport all the time to keep him occupied.  You know, idle hands are the devil’s workshop, right?  Nevin opted out of basketball because it would prevent him from playing indoor soccer that starts later in the year.  Charis also hopes to play indoor soccer this year.

Evangeline’s first concert with Kirkwood Children’s Chorale is the second Sunday in November.  Then her choir will perform with the Nutcracker at the Fabulous Fox Theater the first weekend in December and with the St Louis Brass at Catherdral Basilica the third week in December.  It is really exciting that she’ll have exposure to such great cultural events.

Inside Cathedral Basilica

Little ol’ Me:  I am on book 3 of the Harry Potter books.  I think I’ll finish soon.  I have also started reading Simply Christian by NT Wright.  I’ll let you know what I think as I read more.

I am mostly feeling torn or unfocused.  Homeschooling is going fine in the sense that the kids are learning what they need to know.  However, I need to be better at focusing on them and less focused on how I might solve all our family’s problems somehow through endless internet searches.  So if you are ever praying for me, pray that God would keep me on the task at hand with less worry about the future.  He is in control–thankfully, I’m am not responsible for everything.

We also have some house projects that must be completed.  I am not sure how this will happen, but we need to make some real plans and “get ‘er done.”

Day is Done: Hump Day is over.  Enjoy your Thursday and your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Wassup Wednesday – 7”

  1. Love the pics! Your kids and my kids would get along so well … maybe someday ….
    Sounds like life is plenty busy at your house just like ours! I share your feelings of being unfocused. Yes, school work is getting done, but I can’t seem to find a schedule that works for folks 15 to 3 and we never seem to have 2 days that are alike and feel “normal.” I am sure, however, that is part of this perfectionist’s sanctification -learning to be flexible!
    Love you!

  2. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Simply Christian. I keep meaning to read it but it gets bumped by other more pressing books. I’m so glad that no trip to the ER was necessary :0) Those “almost ER” situations keep life interesting don’t they?!

  3. Brandy,
    I want to bring myself up to par with my husband as far as controversy level goes, so I figure I better start studying up. 😉

    Seriously though, if I actually finish it, I will post my thoughts just to prove I read the book.

    I did read his other more simplistic book, The Original Jesus (http://www.amazon.com/Original-Jesus-Life-Vision-Revolutionary/dp/0802842836/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255720897&sr=1-3), and I found his writing very accessible. So I am looking forward to getting further into Simply Christian.

  4. What an action-packed update! I love E’s pirate costume. Regarding the need for focus … I certainly identify in my own life, though obviously with other responsibilities than homeschooling! My schedule seems to be mostly lacking in any sort of discipline/purpose, and it’s going to require a more aggressive effort on my part to change that now that Dad is retired. I’m talking about ordinary upkeep and order within the house/home, and maybe putting the problem into words that others may read will help motivate me in the right direction! First order of business is to spend less time on the computer. 😉

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