Nevin – A Mini-Tribute

Today, our Nevin turns 11!  Happy Birthday.

In a family with 4 children, it is often hard to pinpoint a “middle child.”  But, in our family, Nevin was #2 of 3 for 4 years, so the monaker of “middle child” definitely falls to him.   So to ward off a little of that “the middle child is always forgotten syndrome,” I am offering a mini-tribute to our 11-year-old middle child–Nevin.  (Please note, being the middle child means there are very few photos of you alone.)

Nevin at around 1.  Cute little guy.

Nevin & Calvin right after a bath.  Nevin was probably about 9 months old, which means Calvin was just over 2.

The whole  family in 1999 at our church near Seattle, WA.

Nevin & Calvin, circa 2001, in Minco, OK.

Nevin with Granddaddy at the St Louis Zoo,  2005.

Nevin at this year’s harvest party.

Nevin is a sweet-natured kid who loves to read, play computer games, and has recently acquired a taste for old A-Team episodes that are posted on the internet. He also likes to sing, to do strange dance moves that often embarass his older brother, and he enjoys operatic music.

We love him a lot, and we’re thankful for all the great and fun qualities he brings to our family.  Thank you, Lord, for Nev.

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  1. Now that I think about it, I was too — #2 of 4, that is! But I enjoyed 4 years as “the baby” compared to less than 2 for Nevin before #3 made the scene.

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