The Wounded Princess

Many of you know that our Charis fell on the black top near the playground at recess about 2  weeks ago.  This past Sunday was the first time I had the opportunity to take a picture of her with the cast.  This was taken at our church’s annual Harvest Party:

As you can see, she’s pretty happy with life despite the large pink cast.  After having the bone set and the cast put on, she has barely missed a beat.   She did say to her teacher last week, “I don’t know how all those misquitoes are getting into my cast.”

3 thoughts on “The Wounded Princess”

  1. Now that’s pink accessorizing taken to a new level! I’m happy to hear she’s managing her difficulty so well and hope the “mosquitoes” don’t get unbearable before the cast can come off. I agree with Jessie — so funny! And I love the picture.

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