To work or not to work, that is the question.

We have been thinking that my getting a job could be a help to our situation.  So on Friday, I had an “interview” for a temp-perm bookkeeping job that is part-time.  I am slated to start on Tuesday.


More income

18 hours a week, home when the kids are home from school

Only 4 miles from our house.

Still able to fit in at-home part-time job


More juggling when emergencies arise (ie, picking up a sick kid at school).

Child care issues when school is out for the day (you know, those staff in-services days)

Harder to keep up with things at home.

To complicate things further, after accepting this job, I received a call to interview for a full-time job that I think I would really enjoy.  Plus, though it is full-time, I might be able to negotiate some time flexibility because the company is not offering any benefits with the job.

Right now, I am planning to start the part-time job and interview for the other one on Wednesday.  But I am praying for wisdom.  There are lots of good reasons for me to be more available to my kids, so I might be leaning toward forgetting the full-time option.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see the future so we could know which choices are the best ones?

5 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Will be praying for you & Mark to have wisdom in deciding which route to go. That would be great if the full time employer would be willing to work with you on scheduling. Let us know how it goes Wednesday!

  2. I went to the part-time gig yesterday. I liked it ok, and I think I could stay there. But, I also had to chauffer kids around after school in 90+ degrees with no a/c, and I was miserable. So, I was motivated to interview for the full-time job by the thought that with more income, we could get another vehicle with working ac.

    I had the first interview for the full-time job via skype this morning. I think the guy liked me, and he is going to talk to his partner about having me come in for a face-to-face interview. If it works out, I think I could really enjoy the job. I also talked with him about some flexibility with hours, etc., and he was very open to that. So I am still praying about what the best option is.

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