Hurricane Gustav has declined to either a strong category 2 or low-level category 3 storm.  Praise God for this reduction in strength of the storm.  We need to keep praying for the residents of the Gulf Coast, but this is great news.

One thought on “Gustav”

  1. Okay, I’m catching up on some blog reading after a long break. So here are my random thoughts on your last few posts:
    -PTL Gustav was no Katrina repeat. And like you, we’re still praying
    -Wish I had the golden word of wisdom to dispense on the job thing, but the best I can do is offer to pray the Lord will show you what to do
    -I’m with ya on the Palin thing livening up the race
    -Sounds like a good start to school, keys aside
    -Your kids are so cute and getting so old! I think it’s funny how Nevin looks so much like Mark and Evangeline looks so much like you. The other two definitely have a family resemblance, but are more of a blend.
    -Cute new name for the blog. Going to change it on my blogroll right now!
    Blessings 😉

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