“At least it’s not cold and miserable,”

said the very cheerful drive-thru employee at Burger King in Rapid City, SD, yesterday morning when it was 30 degrees, with howling wind, and snow falling.

It was cold and windy and, to us, quite miserable when our day started yesterday.  But as we headed west, we eventually got to the other side of the snow, then rain, then overcast skies to beautiful sunshine and breathtaking vistas as we winded through the mountains.  Gorgeous.  Hopefully, there will be pictures.

Friends loaned us a GPS system, and we forgot our google directions, so we depended on the all-knowing box attached to the windshield for the entire trip.  It didn’t let us down, despite our occasional lack of faith in it.

We arrived safely to our destination and enjoyed a pleasant evening of good food and new friends.

More later.

5 thoughts on ““At least it’s not cold and miserable,””

  1. Meanwhile I’d love to have some more snow…I’m not quite ready for the onset of warm/hot weather.

    Those GPS devices are great…my husband has one and it has helped him out a number of times. And, more importantly, his can tell you the location of the nearest Starbucks!

    Hope you guys have fun.

  2. Tricia and I will be driving, and she’ll ask a question about what turn we should take or something along those lines, and my response is almost always, “Obey the Navi.”

    Hope your trip tilts more toward the sunshine than the blizzards.

  3. Ok, do tell. I was chatting w/ my Mom (I’m here in Nash. to see Michelle’s new baby girl and give mom moral support with my ailing Nanny) — anyway, she was telling me about a big change coming in your family with regard to this trip…. email me and tell all! 😉

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