Tuesday Tunes

So I said I wouldn’t do a weekly music post.  I probably won’t.  But I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s Tuesday.  I could do a music post.” So here it is.

Here’s what I have been listening to today–Fun & Prophets by Jamie Soles.  I am enjoying it, but I am still getting to know it.  I will say that exposing your children to this music may make them more knowledgeable of those little-known prophetic books in the Bible than some preachers!

I highly recommend other music by Jamie Soles, too.   Jamie is a Christian singer/songwriter from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, with several albums to his credit. His latest album, Memorials, released in 2006, celebrates the signs God appointed as memorials between Himself and His people.  I am a big fan of his other adult cd, Ascending, and our whole family enjoys his other popular children’s cds: The Way My Story Goes and Up From Here

Jamie Soles performs music for the whole family–adults and kids alike love his Bible-filled lyrics and singable melodies.  He covers a wide variety of genres that appeals to almost everyone.

I think the thing I most like about Jamie Soles’ music is the firm foundation of biblical knowledge it provides for everyone who listens to it.  Kids will listen to it and learn the lyrics.  Before you know it, they will have a biblical knowledge base, and they might not be able to pinpoint where it came from. 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying Memorials, thanks to you guys. I look forward to adding more Jamie Soles albums to our collection.

  2. Jen – It’s like we’ve been living parallel lives… Anachronism, Harry Potter, now Jamie Soles! Wendy S. gave me “Up From Here” about a year ago and now we are raving fans! I love “Fun and Prophets” as well as “The Way My Story Goes” but “Up From Here” remains my favorite! 3yo A. goes around singing “So may all Your enemies perish…” He particularly likes the one about Jael and the tent peg. It’s a riot! (I told them about Evangeline’s name one day when we were listening to it.) I posted a YouTube clip of the Soles family in concert on my blog a few weeks ago… Thanks for the good recommendation!!

  3. Mom,
    Glad you’re enjoying Memorials.

    Mark chided me for not linking your post about Jamie Soles. I did read it/listen, but I forgot. Anyway, I am glad you and yours enjoy his music too. We had the opportunity to hear JS in person this summer and to host him for dinner at our house. He’s a great guy in addition to being a quality musician.

    Your boys would probably really enjoy Up From Here.

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